• Pregnancy

    Your pre-pregnancy cheat sheet

      You’ve made the decision to try to have a baby – how do you get there? In addition to the main measure, of course! Before trying to get pregnant, you will need to make the following 11 preparations: Get a full medical exam  : Make sure your body is ready for the changes to come. Ask your doctor for a complete exam including…

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  • How to Maximize Your Chances of Conceiving a Child Naturally

     The saying “every thing in due time” applies to many life events, including attempts to conceive a baby. We know that a woman’s age has an influence on her fertility (50% lower for women in their late thirties or early forties than for women in their early twenties). Men are also affected by reduced fertility with advancing age, but this phenomenon does…

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  • Caring for your premature baby

      The premature baby needs more help than the full term baby, especially if they are very small or if they were born less than 37 weeks pregnant. Find out more about the special needs of your premature baby. Premature babies: special babies with special needs Premature babies need help to survive outside the protective cocoon of their mother’s uterus, especially…

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