How to prevent and treat depression

 Depression is a pathological condition that is difficult to interpret both in the diagnostic and in the treatment field. Being depressed means seeing many aspects of your daily life involved and having to deal with them all differently.

Very often it is underestimated that  the people most affected by this pathological condition come from already quite serious health conditions . Depression  can affect people who have had to undergo surgery to treat a serious disease , or it can develop in people who are diagnosed with a pathology that is difficult to treat or with rather important consequences for their daily life .

A series of parameters that also involve the physical condition of the person who suffers from it In certain age groups it is quite complex to diagnose. In elderly people, for example, the diagnosis is complex as often other pathological conditions can present the same type of symptoms common to other more classic pathologies of that age group.

How to prevent depression

Given the complexity of the physical conditions linked to the onset of depression in subjects of different ages, the most useful strategy to deal with the health problems related to this is that of prevention .

Preventing  its onset is one of the first stages of research that interest the scientific community today. In many cases a specific program is drawn up that can make more leverage on the actual physical health of the subject , also through interventions that, apparently, have nothing to do with the deep conditions associated with it .

In this case we try to evaluate parameters such as:

  • sharing a hobby : a sort of programming to use part of everyday life in useful practices to keep oneself in business. A type of strategy even more useful if this type of commitment includes a specific social protocol that involves the person in contexts that are also quite crowded
  • fatigue control : very often the use of heavy workloads, even with advancing age, produces different responses in one’s body. A sort of alarm bell that could lead an individual to notice difficulties in carrying out some tasks

How to cure depression

In these cases it is  important to consider a factor that is fundamental for the adequate recovery of a subject from this dangerous pathology: time . It is not always easy to develop quick protocols to recover from depression.

Therapeutic intervention , in this sense, must be able to be multidisciplinary. Depression is not only treated with drugs , but a range of drugs can improve many of the conditions that go away with the onset of depression .

These can be useful to facilitate sleep and mitigate the sense of fatigue that can affect the subject , but they are not sufficient. This is why self-help groups can also be useful, but above all the help of an expert and the proximity of people you care about, an important encouragement when there is a need to treat a probative illness such as depression .

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