Safaricom representative in Ethiopia got themselves into The Boycott


Safaricom representative in ethiopia got themselves into the boycott when they are just trying to become monopoly over somebody’s company.

Since last year Ethiopian government is trying to privatize most of state owned companies in Ethiopia to reduce monopoly over market share in the countries. In the bid made in last 2020 Safaricom become the winner to start telecommunications service in Ethiopia through government state policy additional to hegemon Ethio Telecom.

Since then safaricom is planning and making important strategy to open up its business service to the public.


When Safaricom started its business and strategy entry into Ethiopia, Many of talented youth Has great expectation to enter into broader world job opportunity. Mostly youth from Oromia and Afar region who has never gotten good opportunity to enter into good companies for job due political and corruption across Ethiopia waiting for its recruitment with high expectations.

But Recently things started turning ugly when Safaricom neglected majority of spoken language(Afaan Oromoo) for Even their banner advertising in Oromia region. When most of qualified job seekers are looking for job from safaricom, Safricom announced its entry into business well equipped and all job position is taken before even exam date for recruitment is not close too deadline.

All of their regional office and headquarter in Addis Ababa started business route with more than 19 sells district as well as agents.

So What is the cause for the Boycott Safaricom Across Oromia and Afar Region?


1.Employment Opportunity

  • Employment rate across Oromia region given by safaricom is almost zero, When its business activity is mainly focused in Oromia when there is no single person recruited for this company from Oromia and afar, Where did they come from? Yeah that’s the right question for human resources. When there is no local language speaker in the region, how can the company select sales person with no ability to speak regional language where he should maximize sale of the companies activity in the area assigned to him? Isn’t that mean salesperson is just cover for availability? Can this kind of company be a competitor for ethio telecom? The hegemon of the centuries!



2.Use of Language

  • In Oromia where people mainly speak Afaan Oromo Languages Safaricom newly recruited top management and regional staff refused using Afaan Oromoo languages with the excuses of “we are foreign Companies” when they are using Amharic for the banner. This turn of event fueled the dissatisfied people into rage of Boycotting the safaricom companies across Ethiopia.

Currently there is no response from safaricom, But there is many argument on social media between Boycotting party and other peoples.

The question is can the safaricom give the job opportunity to the peoples of the service area safaricom plans to make competition with Ethiopian state owned giant telecom service?


Safaricom has high expectation for Ethiopian telecom market and they know that there is no competitor except state owned ethiotelecom companies. But if this minor error is not solved as soon as possible, Safaricom will become the first giant telecom to enter Ethiopian telecom industry as well as the first to Exit from the country too!

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