The 10 best dishes in the world

Best Dishes

What are the  best dishes in the world ? The choice of dishes to try at least once in a lifetime is truly varied, ranging from Thai and Chinese dishes to Mexican, Italian, American ones, a real culinary tour of the world, a way to get to know the most delicious dishes or more appreciated in different countries and which can arouse in the reader the curiosity to try new dishes, even those that, at first sight, have turned up their noses.


The 10 most loved dishes in the world: here are the dishes to try at least once in your life

So let’s find out which are the 10 best foods in the world and which are worth trying, even just once. Some are famous and well known, such as pizza and sushi, but there are also ethnic dishes and strong flavors that, especially those who love to try new culinary emotions, cannot miss.


10 kebabs (Iran)

Kebab is an Iranian dish, which has now become the symbol of street food all over the world . It is a dish based on roasted meat and its name derives from the particular method of cooking the meat that takes place on a vertical spit: the “doner kebab”. The meat used can be mutton, lamb, veal, but also chicken, turkey or pork. The meat is first cut and then marinated with a mixture of herbs and spices, before being placed on the spit for cooking. The meat can then be enjoyed on the plate with vegetables or served in a sandwich, always with mixed vegetables and sauces.

9 Donuts (United States)

Among the foods to try at least once in your life, donuts cannot be missing , the famous American donuts known all over the world thanks to the American cartoon: The Simpson “. These are donuts peppered with flour, water, sugar, butter, eggs and seed oil. Once prepared, they are then fried in abundant oil and covered with all kinds of glazes, they can then be decorated with colored sprinkles, to make them even more irresistible.


8 Paella (Spain)

Then it is impossible not to taste paella, a typical Spanish dish born in Valencia but widespread throughout Spain and appreciated all over the world. It is possible to taste a classic Valencian paella  prepared with rice, vegetables and white meats, or the paella de marisco , that is the fish paella that is prepared with rice, shellfish and seafood. The peculiarity of this dish also lies in the cooking that takes place in a large and low iron pan, with two handles. To give paella its classic yellow color is the inevitable saffron which also gives a unique spicy flavor to this exquisite dish.


7 Chicken Muamba (Gabon)

Chicken muamba is  a typical dish from Gabon, a country in equatorial Africa. A tasty but very heavy dish based on chicken, hot pepper, palm butter, palm oil, pepper, garlic and lots of tomatoes. A very rich chicken soup then: the chicken is simmered in a pot, flavored with spices, served in abundant tomato and seasoned with chopped peanuts and a sprinkling of chilli.


6 Gelato (Italy)

Ice cream  is certainly one of the most popular foods ever, in particular  Italian ice cream , the artisan one prepared with fresh, top quality ingredients mixed in the laboratory through large ice cream makers and prepared in the most varied flavors, based on seasonality, but also to the fashions of the moment.  They range from classic chocolate, stracciatella, pistachio, up to more particular tastes that perhaps reflect the flavors of typical sweets, such as babà in Naples or the cassata taste in Sicily and so on. The fact remains that it is one of the most loved and consumed foods by young and old all over the world.


5 Tom yum goong (Thailand)

Tom yum goong is a  Thai soup that is also very popular in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, an ethnic dish that is highly appreciated in different parts of the world. The secret to the success of this dish is the base: a broth based on fish sauce, lime, kaffir, lemongrass and hot pepper. The ingredient you want to cook will then be cooked in this broth: prawns, but also meats such as chicken, beef, pork. Then, potatoes cannot be missing: the word yumm in fact refers to the famous tuber. A very tasty and not particularly heavy soup, even if a lot depends on the basic ingredient that you want to serve in the tasty broth.


4 Penang assam laksa (Malaysia)

Another soup to try is penang assam laksa,  a typical Malaysian dish, the main ingredient of which is tamarind (assam laksa in Malay), an evergreen plant that produces pods containing seeds. Its sour pulp is widely used in the East as a spice for the preparation of soups or sauces used to accompany rice. Penang assam laksa is, in particular, a soup made with mackerel, cucumbers, lettuce, mint, onion, pineapple, chilli and, in fact, tamarind, to which the noodles are then added.


3 Hamburger (United States)

Among the most amatical foods in the world there is the hamburger : the soft sandwich with beef, onions, bacon, mayonnaise, ketchup or sauces and ingredients of various kinds inside. We are talking about the most consumed food in the United States, but which has fans all over the world, thanks also to the fast food chains present in every corner of the globe. Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that the term “hamburg” refers to Hamburg, one of the most important cities in Germany, from which many inhabitants emigrated to the United States. It is still unclear, however, whether the word hamburger refers to a person who comes from Hamburg or if it is used to indicate something that refers to the German city. The fact remains that it gave its name to one of the most famous and consumed dishes around the globe.


2 Neapolitan pizza (Italy)


The Neapolitan pizza is certainly the most appreciated Italian dish abroad, protected by an association founded in 1984, “The True Neapolitan Pizza Association” (AVPN), which aims to protect and promote the real Neapolitan pizza in Italy and around the world, a typical product to be prepared according to precise guidelines: high quality flour, sea salt, three types of fresh tomatoes, handmade pasta and cooking in a wood oven. It is also thanks to these secrets that pizza appears so high in the ranking of the best dishes in the world. Among the very popular Italian dishes we also find lasagna  and Parma ham.

1 Peking duck (China)


A very delicious dish in China is the Peking duck, a duck cooked slowly in the oven after having undergone a very long preparation process: after being gutted, the duck is immersed in boiling water and then sprinkled with a syrup. of honey and hung to dry for 24 hours. Finally, it will be baked in the oven, cut into very thin crepes folded into a tringle and served with a vegetable broth but also onions, leeks, and served on a hot plate. In Beijing it is considered a very refined dish that is prepared by high-level chefs and is consumed almost exclusively in specialized restaurants.

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