Signs and symptoms of allergy


Signs and symptoms of allergy

Here are some of the possible symptoms of an allergy:

  • sneezing
  • a runny nose
  • tingling or itching of the throat, nose or palate
  • tearing, itching or redness of the eyes
  • congestion.

Although allergy and the common cold can cause similar symptoms, there are some telltale signs that can help you distinguish between the two. If you have any doubts whether it is an allergy or just a cold, consult your pharmacist or doctor who will help you determine the cause of your symptoms and advise you on an appropriate treatment.

Table 1. Is it an allergy or a cold?



Common cold


Usually none


Runny nose

Liquid and clear

Thick and colorful







Duration of symptoms

Several weeks or several months

Usually a week

Experts estimate that 1 to 2% of Canadians have severe allergies to certain foods, insect stings or bites, drugs, latex and exercise. These allergies can trigger life-threatening states of emergency and require immediate medical intervention. For example, a person who has a severe allergic reaction may experience difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat, itching or redness of the skin, an irregular heartbeat, or even palpitations

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